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Why 7-8 days fermenting a 5 days batch of sugar

I have mixed a batch of sugar starting with a 18 % potential alcohol which Alcotech 48 says should be finished in 5 days if shooting for a 20% Potential batch. I'm now at day 8 and still getting bubbles.

 hydrometer shows below 0% potential alcohol. Temp has been maintained at between 78.5 deg F and 74.5 deg F (per Alcotec 48 instructions). 40 gallon batch.


If your hydrometer is reading at 1.000 or below it is done fermenting and ready to be distilled. Ferments will continue to off gas (bubble) well after they are done fermenting


Try less sugar.  18%+ is quite high.  Try 12-14%.  Also map the sg vs time, when the sg stops going down, it’s done fermenting. 


KC, one further bit of info. I just took a BRIX reading with a refractometer. It shows 10.5 on the scale. Wash is cloudy, has not cleared. Should I crash cool to a lower temp than the present 77 deg F? I can definitely see some small bubbling mostly in the center of the Chronical Fermenter. Chronical has temp controls (cooling and heating) holding the temp near 77 geg F

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Turbo yeast will get you as high as 22% if done properly because turbo yeast has yeast nutrients to keep the yeast alive long enough to process most of the sugar into alcohol.  The problem with turbo yeast is that it makes a horrible tasting spirit in my opinion.  Moonshiners use turbo yeast to give them more yield with sugar. 

  My dad had a recipe he called money maker.  He used a particular yeast strain and added his own yeast nutrients and some other things.  He could get an abv around 25% but the spirit produced from that did not have the best flavor, but he was not after flavor with that recipe he was after volume.  Most people in the 1970s who drank moonshine did not expect it to taste good.  My dad could make great corn whiskey and brandies but that was for him and his friends & family and he did not usually sell that.  His money maker shine sold for $5.00 per quart to the individual and $10.00 per gallon in bulk to the King Pin who sent it up North by the truck load.  Turbo yeast is not something you want to use if you want to be a successful legal distiller, but that is just my opinion and other opinions may differ. Just a disclaimer:  I was an underage kid at the time all of this was going on.  I would certainly never do anything illegal concerning alcohol or anything else for that matter.

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Thanks justandy. Maybe since i have alcohol in the sample for the refractometer it is throwing off the true reading? Very help

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