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Jun 08, 2022 View:

What do you do with your heads

I've heard two predominant themes on how to deal with heads, assuming you toss the inital foreshots.

1) Clean with em, burn em, use for nail polish remover

2) save them and recycle in your next spirits run

We've always taken option #1, but seeing all those precious gallons of alcohol down the drain got me thinking  about recycling them permanently like we do with tails...what do you all think/.


We use foreshots for solvent/paint remover (1). Then recycle heads with tails and low-wines (2). For this to work well, should keep heads clean by running foreshots a bit longer.


We save the foreshots for cleaning and dilute and dump the heads down the drain.


We redistill with the column to make GNS. Recover about 2/3 as usable alcohol. The heads of the heads are another matter, we've just been letting those slowly pile up for now.


I'm taking all of my heads and tails from the previous days run, And adding them to the beer well every morning and running them through the continuous column with the green beer. Most of the heads volatilize and gas off, while keeping my yield pretty consistent.  I'm very meticulous about base line samples and didn't notice a single change in quality when I switched to this process. By doing this, I was able to gain an extra 53 Gallon barrel per day. 

This is just my opinion. 


Distilled Spirits Plant (Beverage and Industrial) - A distilled spirits plant may conduct beverage and industrial operations from the same premises. If you wish to produce both beverage and industrial distilled spirits, you need to file an application to conduct both types of operations.

I know it has been discussed before, but has anyone actually gotten a combo Bev/Industrial DSP and sold Industrial Alcohol?

My assumption is that it just isn't worth the record keeping and aggravation.

However, if one had a ready customer (volume) could be done.