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Were starting our anejo program

So we have 4 used 6yr old bourbon barrels that we are planning on using for our aged rum program.

We have never done an aged spirit so we are going strictly by what we have read and heard from other distilllers. but small questions keep coming up... such as

Do you fill the barrel all the way ( 58+ gallons) or do you leave a little breathing room.

Also, we've read that most cask strength rum is 130 proof into the barrel, anyone have any experience otherwise?

Any advice is much appreciated.


Entry proof is all over the map for Rum, Classick. Do what makes sense to you. I've seen as high as 160 proof.

Historically speaking, Rum entry proof is a bit different from other spirits like US Whiskey in that it was so frequently shipped and used in the world's Navies that it was

almost always put down at well overproof.

This was because the Rum stores were usually stored with the other most valuable cargo on a warship: the gunpowder. It was therefore

important for the Rum to be very flammable, in case a leaking barrel (hit by a cannonball, as an example) got the gunpowder wet with Rum. If the Rum was below

proof or close to it, it would ruin the gunpowder, leaving the warship in a heck of a jam.


Cruzan dark aged rum goes in at 135 proof or 72 O.P.G.’s. Outage 9% year one and 6% per year thereafter....

Hope this helps.