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Jun 08, 2022 View:

stopping and restarting a vodka distillation

I currently charge my spirit still based on run time so that I can complete a vodka finish distillation in one business day. I'm considering doubling the alcohol charge and running it over two days - stopping at the end of the first day and restarting/balancing at the start of day 2. In theory, I would stop/restart during the middle run. I could run two separate batches each day, but my still runs better with a larger alcohol charge.

It would not work for whiskey or rum, but the way vodka is distilled I believe it will work fine. Does anyone see a downside to this technique?


No thats fine and you will find that if you shut the valve returning from column to still your restart time will be cut in half. Just remember to open it next day. Recheck for your heads, may find some second time around. small but there