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Jun 08, 2022 View:

start Up Distillery Saskatchewan Canada

If you live on Saskatchewan or Alberta and are interested in Starting up a distillery on our farm I too am interested, maybe we could get together on this and get it up and running. Detailed business plan written, land available, RM and city interested, looking for some partners, quotes done, building designed, just need some help.


hi Nakoda13, interested to learn more. Our plans are six months underway for multi-phase entry to market (following WhistlePig, Filibuster, St. George whisky concepts) and 2nd phase distilling on site. Planning for either Virginia or Alberta right now, but very open to collaborating with and partnering with like minded persons in AB or SK. Where in SK? We've considered Cochrane, Airdrie as close-to Calgary in AB, but with lower cost of operations. Presume you've seen Eau Claire setting up in Turner Valley, AB?