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Soda gun with vodka

My state is becoming non-distillery friendly.  Seems like bars are running this town.  ABC board last week decided that they are now going to interpret legislation differently than they have the last 4 years; which means NO mixed drinks.  The only thing we can do is serve our distilled booze.  I would like to make a vodka seltzer (like Truly / White Claw).  I would also like to have it on a soda gun.  Anyone ever do this?  I see I can use a soda siphon but the siphon does not mix the vodka in and I don't think I can get away with that.

Any suggestions?


Why not produce a Ready to Drink cocktail/alcopop?

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What about mixing the vodka seltzer in a keg and serving from a kegerator or beer jocky box?  


Have free seltzer or tonic on the bar, next to free ice.  As an alternative to alcohol.

Pour the patron the spirit neat in the glass.

You surely can’t be responsible.