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sizing of runs

Maybe this question will do better in here, I've tried posing it in Equip and Beginners with only one reply, maybe you all can help?

Starting with a 1000L (aprox 250gal) pot still and working our way backward what size fermenters, mash tun, would you all recommend?

I've heard various things such as a bigger mash tun and fermenters i.e. 2000Lish then doing 2 runs from one fermenter... thoughts on this process? Would like to get 1-2 runs a day in. Does it effect the tastes using the bottom half / top half of the wash in separate still runs?

Or should things be sized 1:1 i.e. all 1000Lish so the whole fermented is being used for each still run?? Are more smaller sized fermenters advantageous to fewer larger feremters, i know cost between 2000L and 1000L is usually much better than 2x 1000L...

If you had to do it all over again, what is your IDEAL process flow?!



I would consider using poly totes as your fermenter's (probably could post a want to buy on ADI and get some pretty quickly at reasonable prices) and a 2000L mash cooker. I don't know about temperature control for these as I use jacketed tanks but it is a nice affordable option.


We're planning on using SS jacketed fermenters, what size though? i.e. how much how much wash would you get from the 2000L mash cooker, on average? Probably going to do grain-in mashing and distilling.


If you are planning on stainless get 2000L. But I would consider the poly totes.



does the wash not need to be temperature controlled during fermentation at that size? We are using highly aggressive yeast which only require a 3-4 days fermentation time, I feel like poly wouldn't hold consistent temperature especially since our work area is not very climate controlled...


Great question to which I do not know the answer. I went from 55 gallon drums to 500 gallon and 1100 gallon fermenters. The 500 gallon+ definitely need some temp control (in my opinion though some people get by without it). I never fermented at 250 gallon so I don't really know. I would think you could get immersion heat exchanger to keep the temp down and I would think that it would not get to cool on you especially if you are using a "highly aggressive" yeast. Doing two strips in a day should not be a big deal. I regularly do 4 in a day without too much trouble (not a short day though). My thought on the poly is that it is worth testing since the tote is so cheap, if you don't like it then you can get your stainless. Good luck.