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Show us your production log books

I am kind of a nerd for keeping track of data and documentation. Interested in seeing what anyone uses for analog (actual paper) tracking of runs and production. Any good book solutions? Preferred systems? A source for the books?

Hoping I am not the only one!


Sheets/excel for tracking runs. Keep it simple stupid. 


started using google sheets...everything is saved automatically. programs would crash. some things i use a notepad then enter in, but we ended up dropping a distillery software with a little work on sheet templates.


I originally had a bunch of note pads custom printed at a local print shop in town and I had all my own columns notations etc on there it was great I’d buy one for stripping runs one for finishing runs another for continuous runs and a gin log. Expensive compared to a team of normal paper and something you could easily just print yourself now but at the time it was reallllllk slick lemme tel you. Since then I now have fallen in love with the whiskey systems print out. Still use it even though I no longer use whiskey systems 

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