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Shipping full barrels

Good morning all,

I have some TIB needs that involve shipping full whiskey barrels from our inventory. I'm trying to wrap my head around the appropriate way to handle shipping FULL barrels on a pallet. Should they be put on end and strapped/wrapped? Should they be shipped on a standard metal rack, and strapped to that, then secured on a pallet? 

I'm curious what everyone thinks, from their experience. 


Stand them on end on a pallet and wrap them. Make sure bungs are facing in so they don't get hit. 

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one full book of stamps should be plenty to mail a barrel 



If you're only sending a few pallets worth palletize them but you can fit more in a single layer on a truck off pallets. Loading two layers is easy, unloading 2 is hard.s tick to single layers.


Stand them on end, then shrink wrap around the middle of the barrel to keep the bung in place and face bung inwards to the pallet.