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Jun 08, 2022 View:

SG of an all rye mash

I just did my first 100% rye mash, and determining the SG with a hydrometer is not working in the thicker mash. Before attempting to take a reading, I strained the mash through a kitchen strainer to remove the solids. I also performed an iodine test and confirmed that all starches had been converted.  I can try getting a reading with a refractometer.  I used SEBflo TL during mashing. My question is- do I need to adjust my mash procedure or increase the amount of enzymes, or will an all rye mash always be too thick/gummy to take a SG reading with a hydrometer?


Put a shop towel in a funnel. Put the mash in the towel, wrap it up and squeeze. I'm sure there's another method but this is free. 


We just put about one cup of mash in a paper coffee filter and get a few drops on the refractometer..  This seems to give a good sediment free sample to check and then there is nothing to cleanup/wash out.  Getting a reading with a hydrometer is practically impossible and way to much effort when a refractometer only costs about $20.