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Setting the alcool in liqueurs Any workshop available

Hi everyone !

I'm looking for some professionnal advice on proofing liqueurs. We have a couple of interesting ideas but we lack some knowledge about proofing sweet spirits.

I read other posts but to be honest I don't feel I know everything I should to commercialize a liqueur right now. We need to be pretty accurate when it come to alc. % etc. ..

I'm in Eastern Canada so I would be please if someone in the Northeast would accept to receive me at their distillery to exchange on our practices and ideas !

Thanks guys



I'm not sure how regulations are in Canada, but according to the TTB liqueur is defined by being at least 2.5% sugar by weight, or 2.5 degrees Brix.

Flavored spirits product containing not less than 2½% by weight sugar, dextrose, levulose or a combination thereof made by mixing or redistilling any class or type of spirits with or over fruits, flowers, plants or pure juices therefrom or other natural flavoring materials or with extracts derived from infusions, percolation or maceration of such materials