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seeking Partner For Brand Name Palapa

Seeking a partner to help bring the brand name "PALAPA" to market for distilled spirits.  PALAPA is a great six letter brand name that immediately conveys a sunny & fun lifestyle.  PALAPA is colorful and youthful with great market crossover to latin/caribbean culture.  Any and all conversations/connections welcome.  Thanks and please email directly to: [email protected] 




yeah sure, you provide all packaging, marketing, tax payment, and I'll produce whatever palapas you want for $60/case.  minimum 1000 case production payable in advance.  sunny & fun


I'll make the same offer as @daveflintstoneand I'll even offer consulting services for $100/hr


Hm last time I tasted a Palapa it smelt like vomit and didn't test much better.   But idk 



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