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seeking Consultant/advice For New Mi Distillery

Hi Everyone,

I'm in the planning phase of getting started here in central Michigan.  I'm long a fan of spirits but am coming from a military-cyber-business background.  The forums have been great and I have a lot to learn.  I'd like to ask if there is anyone consulting here in MI that would be willing to help.  If so, please shoot me over a message!




Hey Shawn,

My name is Jordan and I'm just across the pond from you in Milwaukee. I'm to help out with any consulting services or questions you may have. I'll reach out in a message and send you my contact info. 

Reply:On 8/26/2020 at 9:52 PM, Shawn Lynch said:

Im also just across the pond from you. We have an amazing team of employees and multiple of them have been consultants for large projects, as well as our project (I hired a lot of our consultants) which is also a bigger project. Many of us have also worked on a lot of smaller projects too.  Collectively we have installed 8 Columns from 25 inches to 8 inch diameters, 22 hybrid pots, 11 non plated pots, and 6 MMJ extraction projects all over the country.