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seeking Architect/consultant

We are planning a farm agribusiness in Georgia which includes a distillery.  We have the property and a previously used barn.  There are several options available to us which only add to the many moving parts that go into designing a structure for small scale distilling as well as trying to plan for the future, i.e. expansion.  (I know of no one who sets out with plans to shrink.)  Does anyone have experience with an architect familiar to distilleries?  Or perhaps a consultant in the Southeast?  I would very much appreciate it.  

Thank you very much

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Reply:1 hour ago, thecolonel said:

Hi There - Colleen from Dalkita here. I would be happy to talk with you about your distillery plans. We have an architect's license in GA, we've worked with 2 GA facilities thus far, and I also have family in the state. 303-765-1295.

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Will put you in contact with an expert. you willl be amazed by his work. email [email protected]