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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Running plates

I have developed my own techniques, but they were hard-won.

When you are profiling your spirit with different plate combinations, how do you decide which plates to manipulate? With a 10 plate column, and you want to run 5, do you run the top five? The bottom five? Every other one? Why? Do you drain a plate and re-fill at certain times during your run? Do you dump the top to the bottom to boost speed?

This is a discussion that I have never had with another distiller...just never came up. Any comments?


I've always understood that you're better off using the plates that are closest to your partial condenser, so the higher plates. I think this probably leads to better control over the plates themselves as you adjust your reflux from above.


on the plates that are not being used you will still get some crippled action, its better this partial effect happens at lower proof then higher.

so I guess I'm a proponent of disabling lower plates first.