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reusing feints

Any opinions on how many "generations" you reuse your feints before the fusel oils start to over accumulate and you dump them or reprocess them into  a vodka or something. Alternatively do you find doing a hydro separation or shallow tails cut every once in a while is enough.

Realize it's gonna be pretty dependent on the desired product and equipment, just looking for a very broad opinion if you've tried different things and prefer a certain method. Thanks.


For our whiskey feints, it is about half a dozen times.


For Rye Whisky, I have re-cycled all feints for almost 8 years.

Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2019 just scored one of my Rye's 95.5  and another 95, they would have almost 5 years of feints re-cycled.

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We never recycle foreshots. Just heads and tails, and we don't go too deep into the tails.

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@PeteB Some people dilute their faints or low wines to under 30% alchohol so fusil oils and whatnot separate and float to the top. They then skim them off the top or pump from the bottom, and leave them behind.


It's also called phase separation. We were just talking about it in another thread. If you search the forum you'll see details. It's exactly like Adam said. It will help remove the really late tails.

Full info here:

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I read what Odin wrote over at Home Distiller.  How long do you let it sit at 17% before siphoning out the middle bits?


day or two.