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Proofinghydrometer vs Anton Paar

So I have a question and maybe a gripe. So the Anton Paar Snap 50 is not TTB approved yet their specs meet all TTB requirements. Is the only reason it’s not approved is they’re trying to protect their revenue from the DMA 5000 that just happens to be $27,000!!!!!!

is it just that they haven’t submitted the SNAP50 for approval?

just curious.


Snap 50 is also not precise enough.  The snap 50 is .1 v/v%, they told me it needs to be .01 v/v%, though I think it would only need to be .05 v/v.  Nothing cheap and easy, cough up money or use a hydrometer and thermometer.



The Snap 50 has been succeeded by the Snap 51, however accuracy and repeatabillity haven't changed AFAIK.


Same scenario with the Edrometer.  Bloody good price though.









 Rudolph makes a desktop version thats TTB approved and much more affordable than the Anton Paar.  Iv had better customer experience with them as well.  



Snap 50 is great for taking quick measurements to gauge and cut to proof, but for final proof check a hydrometer and thermometer is the way to go.


We use the Anton Pat devices for all our runs in the uk.  If your worried about how accurate it is, you can always cross reference it with a known good sample and your hydrometers to be sure they all tie up.

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Anyone able to get a 0.01% accuracy reading their hydrometers?  And your simultaneous thermometer reading?


just asking because these ttb rules are ridiculous.  YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME.  oh wait, you are.

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 In my opinion, the traditional and approved way of measuring proof is a bit of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. You can either know the temperature or the proof/density, but not both.

I’d bet that on average, any of the digital readers yield better results than the average person using the best analog equipment. I wish the TTB would acknowledge that. 


 So I have this piece of history which apparently at one time was good enough. Digital devices should be good enough too.