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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Product finishes too hot

I'm very dissatisfied with my latest production.  What causes some runs to produce excessive heat on the palate?  Solutions?



Providing more information about what you are making and how you are making it would make it much easier to provide answers or suggestions. 


Minor details, right?  It's gin, 86 proof.  It's a second batch of a recipe that was terrific the first time, also 86 proof.  That batch was very, very smooth.  I'm very disappointed in this new one.  A few of the botanicals were from a different source, but I doubt it's the issue.  I made it January 12,  Carter Head gin basket.  I don't want to bottle but I'm being pressured for commercial reasons.  I'm hoping that resting until March might solve the problem.  Batch one rested for two months, and I definitely thought it improved from its early days.  I hope there's hope!



You should use Organic ingredients since they produce a far superior spirit.  



Do you make the base or use a sourced GNS? If you use GNS, do you perform QA on each lot? GNS quality can vary a lot depending on the producer/source, and if you get it through an intermediary you might be getting it from a different producer without being informed. 

If you make the base yourself, did you compare that to your typical starting point? Changes in fermentation temps, yeast strain, yeast nutrients, and mash abv can all have an impact on flavor or perception of alcohol 'heat'. Similarly, your cut points can have a big impact, and seasonal changes in cooling water temperature can have an impact on still performance and cut points which might also change the perception of alcohol. 

I wouldn't discount getting your botanicals from a different source, especially as many gin botanicals can have a 'heat' of their own (ginger, cubeb, cardamom, grains of paradise, coriander to name a few). Juniper from different sources can dramatically shift the flavor, I have trialed some which had significantly more bite/harshness/chemical aroma than others.

Sitting for 2 months after distillation (or even a week) will also change the mouthfeel and aroma of the distillate quite a bit.


Hi.  Thanks for thinking about this.  Yes, I use GNS, and I'll check with them about variations in source. I buy it from the manufacturer.  I did use coriander from a different source, which was more pungent.  That could indicate heat, I think.  However, time and air have made a major good effect on the gin.  I drank some today that had been resting in the tank an additional week:  heat was balanced and flavor/aroma were what I'd wanted.  I can't bottle till next week, soonest, maybe week after that, so I'll chill out and expect to be pleased. Thank you again.