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pH Raising Agent

We currently use calcium carbonate for raising the pH of our mash and stillage.  What do y'all use as pH raising agents?


Sodium Hydroxide works well.

Reply:On 2/8/2018 at 11:25 PM, Silk City Distillers said:

I've found that even just a few grams of NaOH dissolved in water can move a 500g batch a few tenths upwards.  I'm using granules, and not liquid, as It's relatively easy to find FCC/USP or Food Grade granules (aka prills or micro beads).  We're talking about relatively minor tweaking here, no?

Adjusting your starting pH at the onset of a batch - say if you are using a high backset percentage and have water a bit on the acidic side (or not acidic, but very little buffering capability), again should require a relatively minor addition.  Otherwise consider backing off the backset percentages a bit, or attempting to increase alkalinity/hardness.




I was doing an experimental batch with very high % of acidic stillage so I would have used way more NaOH than normal.

Once distilled I didn't detect that alkaline odor.