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partner/investor For Bottling Products

Hi all,

Currently working as a Master Distiller overlooking all operations in a rather big grain to glass distillery (vodka, gin, whisky, etc). 

I am looking for the right partner/investor to create 2 brands (to start with) as a distributor company. The point is to have no building and no equipment! I find there are already too many distilleries and some of them are struggling reaching ends but there is still a lot of room for new products so we might as well all work together. And plus I'm no fit to work between walls, I need to be out there talking to people and showing my product!

I have 2 brands with a huge worldwide potential, have the bottlers on the East coast and West coast and all suppliers, all is left to do is the branding and finishing my recipes well under way. I have extended experience in entrepreneurship and in the spirit industry (sales, distilling, consulting ...) 

Maybe someone with cash and no time/knowledge or someone with experience in marketing strategies/sales/distribution or someone living on the East coast with plenty of time and sales skills... the most important thing to me is vision and passion.

I'm looking to relocate to the US West coast but am in no rush and don't NEED a partner. I give myself 1 year to make the move but am open to speed up the process with the right partner! I'm a free spirited person with a big work ethic and very hardworking.

I'm a Canadian citizen.


Are you still looking to do this


Please contact me at [email protected]

Reply:On 9/13/2017 at 1:03 PM, RoyaleDistillery said:

@HedgeBird you are absolutely right my friend, these kinds of statements are always a long stretch, I totally agree with you, all I meant is I have good faith in what I have to offer and feedbacks are fantastic with distributors already interested in Europe, North America and India.