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oregon Coast Distillery

Hi Guys,

We have a small craft distillery on the Oregon Coast.  We produce a large variety of rums, a whiskey, and a vodka.  We have been established for over 7 years and are ready to step things up to the next level. 

So we are entertaining the idea of a partner or investor, or the sale of the distillery.  We currently have 20 products, two satellite tasting rooms in neighboring cities, and a tasting room at the distillery.  We have product placed in about 80 liquor stores throughout Oregon, and have product placed in a couple other states now as well. 

Equipment: (2) 100 gallon stripping stills, 60 gallon finish still, 500 gallon open fermenter, 6 bottle gravity bottling machine, 2 bottle pump fed bottling machine, (5) 20 gal, (3) 30 gal, (4) 55, gal, (2) 130 gal, (2) 100 gal stainless steel storage drums, (1) 80 gal and (1) 200 gal conical, un-jacketed, sealed storage/fermenters, glass carboys, pumps, etc. I have included a few random pictures of some of the equipment and my tasting rooms.

Aging stock:  (56) 53 gal barrels of Rum, Whiskey, and Brandy between 1 and 5 years old.

I am looking for someone to take it over, getting to old to run.  I would like to see it stay in the area.  Most of the value to be honest is in the barrels of product aging.  We built all the equipment, I would like to get my investment back out if I were to sell outright. I would entertain an offer of $250,000 cash.

I would like to discuss possibilities and ideas with interested parties. 

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Hello,  I would be interested in chatting with you about this.


You can send me your thoughts and questions to [email protected] We can discuss it further.