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Jun 08, 2022 View:

opportunity For Established Tx Distillery

I have an established distillery in a major city in Texas. I was recently approached by a group that wanted to buy my DSP and assets while I keep my brand. They would then use my distillery to bottle their brands that were previously co-packed and they would also make my brand under a co-packing agreement.  I wasn't looking to sell but was really intrigued as it would free up cash to put back into my brands. Has anyone else had this type of offer? If so, how did it work out for you?



Just make sure you hire a certified valuation analyst to figure out what your business should sell for.   Starting a distillery is a 4-5 year effort for most, and that should be part of the valuation.  I am sure the buyers are coming to you for that reason.  And a established distillery with revenue adds another level. 

I think there are different paths to brand development... all taking money and depending on your business model there may be better paths than this one.  However, I would vet every real offer as just another business plan assessment. 


We've actually been looking for that opportunity - We have a small distillery close to College Station - Turnkey but haven't been operation for the last two years - We own the property and equipment - would prefer a situation as you've mentioned.   


I would be interested in doing a deal with either of you in a situation that you have mentioned to take over your distillery.