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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Oil Temp

For those of you using a bain marie style still with oil in the jacket how hot do you run your oil and what oil are you using?


I have one i run up to 450-500f. I use a heat transfer (mobil therm 43) oil tho... it has a flash point at 600f


You see much scorching of your mash at that temp?


no, none at all.

take care


wouldn't that hot boil off all the mash and you'd get really low proofs basically equal to ABV of your mash?


I never said I run the whole thing that hot. Only starting up and getting to temp quick that is the hottest I go. Hotter than any steam system.

And truth be told as we all know it is not really over all how hot the pot is running at it is what your system (column, dephlegmator, and condenser) can handle. And about 2 million other factors.

The oil is nice!

Take Care.


We used regular old cooking oil from Walmart. Ran it hot as hell and it was fine. Cant remember the high temps, but it never even came close to getting too hot. Oh, and the oil stayed clean for more than a year; same color, same viscosity, same everything. We sold the still and the current owner is still using the same oil. No probs.