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oak cube ratio



I am experimenting with oak cube and would like to know what would be the best ratio (grams per liter). I think I over oaked my first batch and would like to avoid ruining my subsequent batch. 


I'm using this if it matters:


Thanks in advance.


Common SA/V Ratios - From John Jeffery's Thesis - Aging of Whiskey Spirits in Barrels of Non-traditional Volumes

Traditionally, this is analyzed as a function of surface area to volume, not weight to volume.

2g - 280 cm2/l

3g - 246 cm2/l

5g - 198 cm2/l

10g - 163 cm2/l

53g - 90cm2/l



Taste and nose the spirit regularly. Get the cubes/chips out when you think it has enough. Time taken will vary with temperature, variations in temperature and even air pressure to a small extent. If you think it has become over oaked then add some spirit. If you have some spirit that has been off the still for some time that would be better as spirit does mellow even without oak.

Also if you are trying to rapid age I suggest you take a much larger heads cut. Those highly volatile compounds you remove are similar to the "angels share" that barrels lose over time. ie. the angels share is mostly volatiles you don't want, they get the trash.


Thank you for your answers, very informative.


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philstill that link is well worth reading glad u posted it , i think if i read it ten times and keep google up all the big words i may understand it , good stuff