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Non alcoholic spirits

Thinking of getting into NA Spirits (0-.5% ABV). I'm referring to things like Seedlip and not soda or juice.  Anyone have some knowledge or experience?


I'm curious about how what seemingly is an alcohol process gets done without alcohol...


I've always thought, given the effort to get a distillers license etc, one would want to make beverages containing alcohol. I can see the appeal of de alcoholised spirits - there is one in BC here that has been wildly successful, but deep down I'm dubious. But, one can always jump on the bandwagon though. For example, I was thinking of doing a non alcoholic vodka. It would be very straightforward, I would simply put water into the bottle, put a great label on it and charge way too much. I suspect it would be a hit for certain... 


How would you make non alcoholic vodka?  substitute water for ethanol?

Reply:9 hours ago, Glenlyon said:

Making them is easy, finding the $10 million in marketing budget to be able to actually sell them, that's the tough part...  


Really though, look into hydrosols and steam distillation.


Yeah you'll basically be making hydrosols. The problem is they all kinda taste like flat Le Croix and would disappear in a cocktail. I tried Seedlip and was pretty unimpressed.


Lots of oils and emulsifiers.  Not sure how clear you could get something like that.