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NGS to wash before distilling

Has anyone ever added NGS to their fermented mash before distilling to boost yield? Other than for "purist" reasons, is there a reason not to do this?

For example... ferment grains to yield a 8-9% ABV wash - add NGS to boost to 30% or even 40% (like an artificial stripping run) then distill to get final product.

Just curious how well it did or didn't work...



I guess it just depends what you are trying to


Yes, for Vodka... For example - I want to make a 100% ferment my own, distill my own, higher end vodka... but I'm considering also making a middle of the road product too. So I could take some of my fermentation, add some NGS to increase yield and distill it once. Doing this rather than distilling my fermentation, and also running NGS through the still and making cuts, and then blending after the fact. Seems like that would be 2 distillations, where blending pre distillation would result in one - killing two birds with one stone.

Just curious if anyone else has done it like this, and if my thinking is particularly faulty.


I haven't done this, but every time I talk to UltraPure, they try to talk me into it

But I don't see a problem. When I run some kinds of spirits, I will add my low wines from stripping back into my last fermented mash and do a spirit run. Sort of a hybrid thing.


Thanks Natrat,

I take it UltraPure is a maker of NGS? Do they have a good or bad reputation? If you are into the NGS thing that is...




Did you try it? If you did how did things turn out?


The main reason against it would simply be economics, you buy it as a finished product, so why redistill something so clean?


You would just increase the time you have to collect hearts and honestly unless you have a large column then the product may come out less clean than it started.


Things like this is why back years ago, Colonel EH Taylor, who was a big proponent of it pushed for and got passed the bottled in bond act. It may take something like that again to reign in all of the shortcuts that are utterly rubbish. If you have to add gns to a run to make it run better, then you need to learn how to ferment.