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Does anyone have a good source for sweet molasses? Would like to play around with a rum but am running into walls on where to purchase quality sweet molasses.




GFS Marketplace is located in your town according to their website. They sell 1 gallon sized blackstrap with 60% sugar for $12.95 here in KY.

A gallon weighs 12 lbs. and is more than half fermentable sugar. They usually give a $4.00 discount for a case of 4 gallons. Most stores only stock 4 gallons if they have it. They will order it in large quantities if you need it. They deliver to businesses.

I bet they can help you out. This is the base to a lot of barbecue recipes. It has a bit of ash but I can tell you it makes great heavy rum. For a bit lighter go with half molasses and an equivalent sugar by weight for a bit lighter rum. GFS has reasonable prices on cane sugar also. I wouldn't use beet sugar it has a slightly off flavor.

Of course this is not the most cost effective way but it is well worth the experimental value.

Another source is Malt Products. They sell a minimum of 5 gallons table grade. The last I got from them was $0.60 a pound and a 5 gallon bucket weighs 60 lbs. The shipping was Expensive. They best ship in bulk 55 gallon barrels. The thing about Malt Products is that they sell many other syrups such as agave, brown rice syrup and Malt extract.


I agree with the previous poster ... malt products is a very good supplier. I used their malts for beer production some time ago, and I've experiemented with their Molassas and Agave as well.

I know of several distillers currently using their Molassas to produce rum.

The good thing about this company is that they have a variety of options for Molassas, and their products are very "clean". They also produce organic products too.

Here's their web-site.


Contact your local Amish markets. Here in Missouri we order through them for small batches. A gallon of blackstrap is $8. Agree it's not the cheapest way, but you don't want to be setting on a barrel of molasses unless you have refrigeration. It will self ferment just like a malt extract.

If you can get the 5gal pails, great. We can't, only the 1gal jugs. or 160 lb. barrel.

We do our rums from these gallon size while playing around with different aging.

Don't try the 'feed store' products. They have very little sugar content. Been there........


Hi Kent, If you would like I just got a pallet of pure golden cane molasses in 55 gal. drums I would be happy to let you take one off my hands. I can be reached at 314-231-2537 We are located in St. louis.


Thanks for the information everyone! I will be making a few phone calls.