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Milling alternatives

I was interested to know if anyone is doing anything different, e.g. Explosion of corn through heating moistened corn under steam pressure and then sudden release to atmospheric pressure? Or is anyone using flaking, under water milling or any other unconventional milling procedures and if so are they effective, cost efficient, any noticeable change in the product, etc.?


Underwater Milling? Is that possible?

Here in Virginia we line the corn up on the train tracks and ........sorry I couldn't help it.


Train tracks? Here we put it in the street just before a Mardi Gras parade. Streetcar works in a pinch.


The techniques I mentioned came from a book which was wrote by the R&D and edited by the director of research at Seagrams but they only mentioned the alternative killings techniques, no real details. I put it up on this fourm hoping some people may have heard of them if not tried and/or are using one of them. You two Jedd Haas and mash obviously have never heard of the alternatives and there for have no input aside form some halfwit jokes, thanks. Anyone have anything real to say!


A lot of ethanol plants use wet milling, which is what the under water deal was about. In a small distillery and it is used in all the big distilleries I know of, hammer milling, mainly through a 10/64 screen is used. It is fast, does not heat the grain, can be coupled to augers and are faily inexpensive and almost maintenance free. What was the name of the Seagram's book you read?


10/64? You mean 5/32. I use 1/4 or 1/8 screen.