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Micronsa tiny questionS

Moved onto the details of our bottling line in the final stages of setting up. Through put is hopefully going to be in the region of 200 litres per week. Initially we're going to run an enolmatic single filler, drawing product from SS blending tanks via a single cartridge filter. Our water is RO treated. Interested to know what peoples views on the following.

1) polypropylene or stainless - what's the typical lifespan of both?
2) filter size (microns) - looking for a balance of polished spirit without knocking out flavour/aroma?

3) Has anyone used the enolmatic single filler standard version not (upspecced with SS parts option). is it still working?

Thanks folks, feedback on your experience is as always, greatly appreciated.


spirited ;; greetings , just be careful if there are 2x levels of micron identification in your country , as there is here in AUSTRALIA , absolute and nominal

5x microns nominal will not knock the flavour out and is easily the most common filter size in the BEVERAGE industry for general use here in TASMANIA

certainly takes the elephants ears out anyway ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,brian




Hi Spirited,

With regard to the question of polypropylene vs. stainless, what specifically are you referring to? The housing or the filter media?

Brian 73 is right. We sell a lot of 5 and 10 micron nominal filter cartridges to distillers. Among our distillery customers I would say 10 micron edges out 5 micron in terms of popularity, but everyone's product is unique and will respond slightly differently to filtration.

1 to 5 microns constitutes the range of "sub-optical" particles, i.e. haze or cloudiness. You can't see the individual particles, but you can see their net effect. Using nominal filters in this range will probably be your best bet.

Individual cartridge filters are pretty cheap and easy to swap out. Why not buy a few different grades from 1 to 10 microns and make some test runs through them to see what effect it has on your spirits?


Hey Spirited


We are currently using both Poly and stainless tanks. They definately have a lifespan longer than three years, but I do see the wear on the poly tanks much more than the ss ones. 

Wit a clear spirit, I would suggest a 1 micron filter because you will see some cloudiness with anything much larger.