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Measuring SG and FG in an all grain corn mash

Hi guys, I am having a hard time measuring SG and FG when doing all grain mashes.

Our mashes are 2lbs per gallon.

My question is how do you know what it is with so much solids and then when you take your final most of the grain is at the bottom so should I mix it up again?

Thank you in advance



After mash, you need to strain out some mash liquid to remove solids and then measure SG.  Depending on your enzymes, you may get more some increased conversion in early fermentation, but not much.  You should be close enough.  Then do the same after ferment. 

We use a medium fine wire mesh strainer (kitchen style) and a wooden spoon back and forth to allow liquid to strain into a pitcher that we then pour into a graduated cylinder for measuring.   Easy peasy.


Thank you, should I use the liquid on top for FG or should I mix it up then strain and measure?


A refractometer for SG is super easy and accurate enough. FG is measured the same way as described by @Patio29Dadio


I pull from the top and do not stir up. I figure that if there are any residual sugars they are dissolved though out the liquid. If you are very concerned about it you could try both ways and see if there is a difference. I don't focus too much on gravity readings, and pay more attention to my yields to determine the success of a ferment.

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Don't forget to temperature correct your SG.  For example if you pull it out hot and get a measurement of 1.060 at 150 F you really have a 1.078 SG.

I typically would fill a large tube and let it settle as well as cool which helps to get more accurate readings.