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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Mashing technique oil reduction

hello all: 

curious if anyone has a suggestion for mashing technique with cereal grains that results in a less oily low wine/high wine. 

I know, of course, I can filter post, but I thought yall may be able to help with a way to keep it out of the mash some from the get go. 



I am guessing you are doing on grain distillation

What kind of still are you stripping with? 


Reply:5 hours ago, Julius said:

A small copper thumper/doubler would clean your spirit up some. Sorry I do not have any mashing techniques to help. 


  here a plan for u let your feints, low wines or high wines cool in a open top vessel , all oily stuff should float to surface , once its floating lay paper towel on top and let it float , all the oils will stick to paper towel , drain the vessel from bottom and leave the oil soaked paper towel behind , alcohol will drain out of the paper towel and the oil will remain in the paper towel . not telling u why i know this lol