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Mash to whiskey in single run

We will be operating a four plate column still. How many of you are doing single runs from mash to final product? If so, where do you make your cuts on the back end for tails? 


Interesting one because you need to barrel at 60%.  You have not indicated your wash ABV.  I think it is a big ask on a four plate column.


Additionally there is going to be a high reflux required which potentaially will be stripping flavour.

Reply:1 hour ago, richard1 said:

We run single pass on a 4 plate and can easily vary final product proof anywhere from about 135 to 160 by adjusting the reflux ratio and/or output speed.   We can can also exceed 160 pretty easily.

It’s not really possible for us to do a whiskey spirit run from low wines with 4 plates.  We do it for rum and it’s difficult for us to get the final proof under 170-180.  There is enough passive reflux to keep the plates loaded and active, so even with the dephleg off, it’s still running high.





As for cuts, your nose knows.  Don't bother trying to work off proof or head temperature, it will differ from still to still, and wash abv.


I don't know if our technical terms differ US vs. Aus.  Mash needs fermenting before it is distilled meaning at least 2 steps. 


We make whiskey in a single pass/distillation on a 4 plate still, similar to what Silk City said you can hit a pretty big range of proofs in a single pass depending on the design and mfg of your still. The cuts similarly vary tremendously depending on how you manage reflux. For some whiskies our heart cut is 158-142, others its more like 155-136 but a change in cooling water temp without an adjustment of flow rate shifts everything. We have a bain marie still and doing stripping runs isn't efficient for most products, as the still cannot be run "hot and fast", but there are some niches cases where we do that and the low wines/strip have to be diluted or you cant get a low enough proof. We figured out our cut points over about 1200 distillations...