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Low wines - Do you use the whisky column

Hi fellow distillers,

We have a vodka still with a whisky column (5 plates)and a vodka column (21 plates).

When we make our low wines, we use the whisky column and bypass the vodka column.

Should we bypass the whisky column also? So the run will be shorter. Will it affect the yield or final product?

We usually make our low wine run with no cuts, and run it down until it reach 10 abv. Final low wines are at 45 abv.


Any thought? Any advice?


Thanks to all.



This is for the production of gin.



Does your still have a helmet of any type?  Any reflux outside of the whiskey column?

Stripping runs should be hot and fast.  You are just "stripping" as much avb as possible... not worrying about cuts or plates and adjustments.... but you will need some reflux. 

Lastly, if you bypass the columns you will have less column cleaning to do.

But vapor contact with copper in the stripping run might make a better end spirit.

I would try it both ways and see what you think comes out better.


Yes large helmet. Thank you


When you strip faster, you need more cooling capacity (if you have a closed loop), so I have seen that being a problem.