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low Cost Automation And Data Collection Market


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I want to give my opinion if you are interested.

1) for the US market, it is required to comply with the conditions of fire safety requirements, in particular, hot alcohol and electricity are very dangerous. This falls under the zoning: C1D2. Therefore, any electronics that do not have a UL listing requires special permission and inspections and examinations. Therefore, all electronics "not UL listing" can only be used by small manufactures "for themselves" and at their own peril and risk. Therefore, your electronics cannot be applied (and sold) to large alcohol factories.

2) As my experience shows, and the experience of homemade forums in other countries, "smart electronics" is needed only by those who develop new moonshine stills and columns. A lot of data from the column allows you to better understand the processes inside. But the real work of the equipment requires very simple solutions, for example Danfoss valves that do not use electricity at all and evaporative type thermometers with remote sensors. You will not be able to control the column only from the phone screen