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looking For Aged Bourbon/whiskey

We have been approached by a regional celebrity to create a private label Bourbon/Whiskey for their use. As we are a startup, our Bourbon is still a few years away from maturity. Therefore we are looking to source some Aged product to use for this opportunity. If you have aged product available, please contact me so that we can move forward on this opportunity.




We've got 80 barrels of heirloom red corn bourbon for sale. Not much age on them yet but it's incredibly high quality stuff if you're looking to build a stockpile of something that tastes great and has a unique mash bill.


I sent you an email. 


If still looking, have a variety og aged Rye and Bourbon available, most distilled in IN.  Send e-mail to [email protected]

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Try Rusty Cox.  The stills that I sold him put out over 100 gallons of white dog for bourbon per hour.  I believe that he has good bourbon in the barrel at a great price.

Rusty Cox

1167 Davis Valley Road

Rural Retreat VA 24368

Cell: 757-593-1055

Email: [email protected]


I can source bourbon for you, 53 gallon barrels from MGP and others. Super great products.


If still search of aged bourbon contact at [email protected] 86 barrels of  heirloom red corn bourbon to give out. sorry for the late reply 


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