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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Linking staves for finishing


I am planning to finish bourbon barrels by daisy-chaining used barrel staves into the bunghole. 

Does anyone have recommendations for what type of material is safe to tie the staves together?

We were considering using braided fishing line. 


Thanks so much.


I don't know what braided fishing line is made from.  This link is a chemical resistance chart.  If you scroll down to ethanol you will see what is safe and what isn't


Thank you Thatch. 


Are you using an actual barrel stave or a stave-style oak alternative product (there are many out there but here is one  An actual barrel stave is a poor choice as it's only received heat treatment on 1 of it's 4 sides so you'll be imparting a ton raw, not particularly pleasant, oak. 


JustAndy I will be heat treating the used barrel staves before finishing. Was planning to quarter the staves, sand the 3 non-heat treated sides, toast (3 hours at 420 degrees) but not char.



Sounds like a lot of work