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Lautering Corn Mash

For anyone lautering a corn mash (bourbon or whiskey) with a lauter-tun, can you shed a little light on the amount of time one could expect it to take to drain the tank for the first run, and then the sparged run please ? If I am asking it corrrectly, is it like 2 hours for the first 200 gallon initial run, then 4 hours for the sparged run of the next 200 gallons. (Assuming for example an expected final 30gallon beer, etc..)

granted this will be variable based on the fasle bottom type, and bottom surface area as related to the total volume, but anything would be helpful if you also note the basics of the tun. Also anyone using rice hulls and what that did to your run time. I dont know if I am just trying to rush my runoff, or if I am sticking.




Last guy here that tried to lauter a corn mash went mad before it finished.


So whats the preferred method with a corn mash then? do most people pump the liquid off the top?


I had a hell of a time. Without any real piece of equipment I'm just going grain-in on the still.

There seems to be a lot of debate on lautering corn mash.

Its seems to me a conventional lauter screen would not be the way to go about it. Rather a centrifuge or some type of bladder press


NEPA are you using an agitator in your still? are you using full grains or a corn meal? open flame , steam, or electric?


No agitator in the still. Using a corn meal in use with other milled grains for our Bourbon production.

It a jacketed still, with electric elements and water inside the jacket.

What I've done recently because of sticking and clumping of grains is use air for agitation of the mash.

About every ten minutes during heating I vigorously bubble the wash until its up to temp and boiling. Been working pretty good so far


Are you trying to separate before or after fermenting? If you are trying to lauter after the fermentation you will have better luck using more of a cracked corn than a corn meal. For bourbon, I grind to a rough flour and have tried a variety of methods to filter out the solids with little success. I've been to King's County in Brooklyn and they used a cracked corn and then filter after the fermentation with pretty good results. They used electric elements in their stills (I think they have since upgraded to larger Forsyth).


Lautering corn sucks. It makes a polenta under the screens. This is the reason we need affordable dewatering.


I am lautering "pre fermentation" , not post. You hear about things like rice hulls, and I was curious if anyone is doing it with at least 51% corn. It's been taking several hours to draw off 500 gallons of wort, which isn't horrible I guess, but much slower than I thought it might be.