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Here is a PowerPoint out of Heriot-Watt University that discusses some of the uses and issues about LAB in Distilleries and Breweries.


I would like to post the Heriot-Watt paper on the ADI website.

How do I get permission?

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Below is a PhD paper on "The effect of lactic acid bacteria on congener composition and sensory characteristics of Scotch Malt Whisky" by Wilson.

Wilson is apparently a student of Fergus Priest.

If your interests run into the science of distilling you should pull this down to your machine, now.

It may be tough slogging to get through it but some highlights are: 1) The rather wide range of LAB variants out there including some which may be specific to one distillery 2) The graphs starting on page 101 that attempt to describe the organoleptic contributions of LAB (via SWRI panel). 3)The DNA (rRNA) sequencing of these organisms....they are very similar. 4) The "references" document (separate download) which will keep you up for a couple nights looking at the background research that has been done to support Wilson's thesis. 5)The relationship between LAB and fatty acids (lipids) in the yeast fermentation environment 6) Lactones baby, lactones.

A certain fellow writing an update to his book might stick some of this in....