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Jun 08, 2022 View:

investors Needed New Missouri Distillery

Needing investor or investors for distillery startup in Missouri.

Missouri is an 'open' state. You can sell at all three tiers.

- Direct to retailers

- Direct to wholesalers

- Direct to public from premises

Only a couple of states allow this level of marketing.

Located in a county which has NO COUNTY ZONING.

And we have our own building, will be seperated from personal property per TTB specs, already working with that.

This is to be a small operation to start with. Looking at a production of 50-100cases monthly.

Plans are to do custom distilling for local wineries, rum production and single-malts, both aged and 'white'. No vodkas.

Experience in production of the above already.

Serious inquirys PM me here.


What part of the state are you located.