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investors For Growth

We are a small distillery with 2 full lines that handle 30k bottles per day. We age rum and bourbon and currently expanded to several well received products in the market place. All products totaling 41 ranging from cordials, to clears such as rum, vodka and gins, to colors such as spiced rums, dark rums, whiskey, and other cordials.

We are seeking investors to get us to next level, we have currently spend close to 1,000,000 in last four years and we feel couple new financially influential investors that can get us to stage 3..... National growth.

Investment of over 250k is ideal for share and futures on the brands. Great option for investors looking for track record and history.

Serious inquiry only please.

Please call 616-516-6703 to discuss and sign NDA prior to full disclosure. Ask for Investment advisor.


Sorry I can't ignore the misspelling of Artisan. Maybe you meant a naturally occurring springing from the earth well.


And can you please explain how you consider yourself small, while you are producing more in a one week than almost all of the people on this forum do a year. I would guess at 5000+ gallons a day you may be producing almost as much as all of us combined in a year. Just curious how $250K can help you.


Come on guys, play nice.

Big, small, who cares. With firms like Diageo out there, "small" takes on a whole new meaning.

Brands like Hudson Baby Bourbon and Bruichladdich are selling out to the ubiquitous pressure of consolidation. Does this necessarily detract from what these brands have achieved and will continue to achieve?

Personally, I don't care how many commas are in your sales numbers. Put a taste of your product in front of me, and I'll let you know what I think then.

Best of luck in your for pursuit of more cash gentlemen.