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investors /existing Distilleries Dreaming Of The Distillery Of The Future / Cold Distillation

Who am I ?

I am a European based distiller with 20 years of experience and I have operated my own craft distillery for 15 year.

What do I offer ?

I have 20 years experience in designing and distilling spirits .  Hundreds of products I have made from grain and fruit based materials to original liquors from the middle ages .

I am used to take decisions, to work independent and: I have no problem to take the responsibility over a small or lager team .  Making 100 % organic spirits for the highest marked segment with consumer friendly prices is for me the standard.  

What I am looking for ?

PASSION !!!!  It does not matter what you do in life put It has to be done with passion .  So, I am looking for investors , existing distilleries that want to go the extra mile , enthusiastic  people that want to build the distillery of the future .  I am willing to start the distillery  everywhere in the world .  I am not homesick .

So, if you are interested , please sent me a clear email ( [email protected])  with a clear description: who you are and what you have to offer .  Every email will be treated confidentially .  So, just go for it, nothing to lose.


update: to give some more information.  The distillery will not only distill "traditional" but there will be done a lot of " cold distillation " / vacuum distillation


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