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Herb storage and Tea Bags

So I'm gathering all my botanicals and was wondering when they get to my distillery how should I store them. Each botanical will probably be in the 100 pound range. So how do I store them in bulk so they don't deteriorate and don't mold.

Also what are you guys using for the herbs to keep them in the still, are you just throwing them in or using a muslin bag?



We use a variety of high grade plastic storage bins for our herbs. They sit conveniently on the shelves, block light and humidity and are easy to work with. Large usage herbs (like anise and fennel) get multiple bins.

We do not use "teabags" for our absinthe but toss the herbs directly into the pot. Clean-up is a bit of a chore but a heavy duty wet/dry vac makes it easier.


Give me a call and I'll tell you what we're doing and what a couple of the larger Absinthe producers in Europe are doing as well.



Thanks Joe.

Stephen I'll give you a call. thanks.

P.S. Joe the two buttons on the bottom of your webpage, the links are broken.