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Has anyone used Distillamax LS yeast or equivalent

I believe that Lallemand rebranded a previous yeast to “LS”. I’m not entirely sure what it was but my research indicates that it WAS NOT ec1118.


Supposedly this yeast is to produce a neutral flavored spirit and is used for tequila’s, fruit brandy and neutral grain spirits.  Isolated from Champagne.  Sacc cerv Baynaus.  Likes temps 30-35C (86-95) so good for us tropical sorts.


Can anyone provide insights on how this performs?  I’m wanting a nice clean neutral producer like EC1118 but capable at higher temps.  I’ve found that over  about 29-30C sustained fermentation temps that EC1118 tends to start producing some distinct flavors I dont want.


FYI, i’ve Messed with HT and SR as well, so I’m familiar with what they will do.  I’m working primarily with Raw Sugar washes and some fruits an veggies.


EC-1118 is a Lalvin strain, and Lalvin is owned by Lallemand.

LS is bayanus and EC-1118 is bayanus, both are champagne isolates.

LS is made in Canada, EC-1118 is made in Canada.

There are other common bayanus strains in the market, but they are sold by other companies (Red Star, etc).

Lallemand does have a history of marketing the same strains differently, and not making that known to the market, likely due to market price differences, or cross competition between sales teams.

Same or different?




The reason I think they may be different is that the fermentation temps are notably higher on the LS. 


My experience with proper ec1118 here in Fiji at ambient temps says that sugar washes that go over 29-30 start having off flavors.   Below 28 they seem fine but that puts me into seasonal use at best. 


If if I could use 1118 year round it costs half what the LS costs so I can and will do that. 


I need a neutral yeast yeast that makes clean spirit at 29-32c for the in between seasons or maybe even summer. 


Im kinda hoping someone can share actual hot weather experience with LS.   Because if it is really ec1118 then it’s redundant and over priced.   If it can do what 1118 does but at higher temps then I have a winner. 


LS is a high temperature strain of EC1118.  Its very good for tropical climates.

Also look to nutrition if your getting off flavours at higher temps.  Often an indication of a nitrogen deficiency.  Cane sugar washes need a lot of DAP and Vit B to thrive. Never ever use Urea.




we got some LS in last week so I’ll try it this week when we start some new ferments.   My temps have been wandering into 32-34c territory so we’ll see how she goes. 

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We have been using a big fan to move air around. It’s good for 3-5c usually