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glycerine goes in

I know that some big vodka brands use glycerine for smoothness. Well, I've been corresponding with someone in Puerto Rico who tells me the big rum brands do the same thing. I was rather taken aback; he assures me his information is correct. Is that even allowed? I would think the 1 year aging requirement for Puerto Rican rums would negate the need for such an additive. But I admit I don't know much about aging rum. Do you think the multinationals are chucking the glycerine into all they're liquor types? egads


Yuck! I tried glycerine a few years ago in my liqueurs after reading about it's property to add smoothness to the drink. It did that, but also changed the flavor of each variety I tested it on. It dulled flavor peaks that make the liqueur unique. For me, aging is the only way to gain the smoothness that counts to the tonque. Call me old fashioned.


The concentration of Glycerin that is uses is so small, that it is not relevant to label disclosure and does not impart a taste except to soften the sharp edges of a product that was distilled at high proof.


Dave, check your BAM for Vodka recipe.

NO glycerine.

The larger brands may use it for sales in other nations.

This is what I understand. I can be corrected if wrong.


As I've said before, you could drive a truck through the loopholes in the CFR's for spirit formulation and labeling.

Have a close look at the section for "additions" in the CFR's, BeauportB.

More importantly, though. Next time you visit an on premise account, ask to see a couple of their Corporate vodkas. Put a little on your fingers and rub them together. It'll be immediately apparent.


I don"t get it. i put some Absolute on my fingers and nothing was apparent. what am i supposed to feel?


I'd just as soon not name any particular brands. Keep looking. You'll notice the difference on your fingers.

Not all of them do it, obviously, but some do.


Denver Distiller, possibly I'm an inept researcher. I cannot find that section for "additions" which pertain to glycerine. Maybe another hint? Which CFR and part. PM me if you wish.




Under the sections "additions" which is CFR 27 Subpart C paragraph 5.23 (a)(2)(ii)

"harmless coloring, flavoring, or blending materials such as caramel, straight malt or straight rye malt whiskies, fruit juices, sugar, infusion of oak chips when approved by the Administrator, or wine, which are not an essential component part of the particular distilled spirits to which added, but which are customarily employed therein in accordance with established trade usage, if such coloring, flavoring, or blending materials do not total more than 21/2percent by volume of the finished product."

The functional phrase is "which are customarily employed therein in accordance with established trade usage." Which is a fancy way of saying "unless everyone is doing it". Recall that the imported Vodka requires both a formula and a lab sample. You'll also note that this contradicts the next paragraph that specifically cites vodka.

The phrase glycerine does not appear specifically, but......


Not only will you notice it on your fingers, but I swear I can't get the sensation out of my mouth after drinking a product with that. It will show up lightly on your glassware when you're drinking it too if you look carefully.