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Fores percentage with single malt

Curious your collective thoughts.  Single malt spirit run.  Collected 100% of low wines of a very clean fermentation to 12%.  What percentage of the spirit run will be fores?


As much fores as a fores cutter cuts if a fores cutter could cut fores.

Reply:6 hours ago, jocko said:
Reply:On 9/26/2020 at 7:34 PM, PeteB said:
Reply:6 hours ago, JonDistiller said:

I use the terms similarly to Jon, first couple of ounces of Fores come off first, which I don't recycle into the next batch, just so I'm not building up methanol. Heads come next, they don't make it into the final blend, but do get recycled into the next batch. Hearts are everything that gets bottled. Tails come last, and feints are the mix of heads and tails that all go into the next distillation

Reply:On 10/28/2020 at 4:36 PM, PeteB said:

Most distillers I know follow a more Scottish method where Fores and Heads are not separated. What some of them do is dispose of all that first cut about every 10th run, instead of disposing a small amount of Fores every run. I guess it is because I have been on this forum for about 10 years that I do the same as most of you and dispose of a small amount of Fores after each run. (I don't throw them out, I have a direct fired still and use as fuel)

I have read that many Scottish distilleries just keep recycling the Fores+Heads. I did read an article by a journalist where he explained mathematically why the Fores did not build up. The math was a load of rubbish. I think the reason they can get away without disposing of the toxic methanol is because there is very little formed when fermenting malted barley. It and other undesirables will build up in the Fores for a time, but as concentrations increase there will be more left in the Heart. The system stabilises over time but the methanol concentration is still less than health standards. Also those more volatile compounds found in Fores probably evaporate from the barrels quite quickly as Angel's share. 

If anyone would like to comment on my reasoning above please do so.

Cheers, Pete