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Filtration During Barrel Harvest

What are all you folks doing to prevent charcoal fragments from entering your pump during barrel harvest? I'm using a Flojet G70 for harvesting and I have their inline strainer between the barrel and the pump, as well as a piece of nylon mesh that I hose-clamped to the end of the hose that goes inside the barrel. I have to continually stop the pump and remove the debris from the mesh hose-end to prevent it from stalling the pump. There's got to be an easier way!


You can get a tri-clamp mesh sock at a lower mesh and then that problem disappears.  Assuming you are just talking about protecting the pump.  GW Kent has one that I have been using.  I tried going 100 mesh and had a similar problem, just gave up and went to 40 (I think).  

Reply:2 hours ago, jeffw said:

Keep the suction hose off the bottom of the barrel until the very last moment. Most of the charcoal will be settled on the bottom away from the suction if you don't disturb it.


We use a flojet when pumping out of barrels.  keep the hose off the bottom and you should be alright.  (agreeing with PeteB).

Alternatively, roll the barrel and dump it through screens (we do this with a funnel that has a mesh screen in it)


I use this through a 1.5” x12” spool connected to my hose.  I simple barrel wand from tcw in front of it. Dump the last bit directly into tank through a collander.