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Jun 08, 2022 View:

filtering Gin


I was wondering if it is imperative to filter Gin or this only depends on the type of receipe. To sum it up, can we get away from buying a cartdrige filter system? We're planning on doing vapour infusion only, no maceration.



You only need minimal filtration to account for any stray particulate that might enter the product due to handling (tanks, hoses, pumps, etc), as the distillate itself should be nearly free of any particulate contamination.

If you keep your process clean, even a small in-line filter as part of your bottling process should be more than sufficient.  Nothing elaborate here.  Realistically, you don't really even need a very small micron filtration - since it's most likely that you'll be dealing with stray dust as the primary contaminent.

For gin specifically, I wouldn't want to expose it to too much oxygen, nor would I want to expose it to too much filtration media (especially something like cellulose media, which  might absorb oils).

If you are doing a good job with handling and processing, and rinsing out tanks, lines, filling machines prior to bottling - you might be able to get away with no filtration at all.


Thank you Silk, much appreciated!


On more consideration depending on your process and your target product, but you might need filtering to eliminate turbidity from the botanical oils... possibly chill-filtering.