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Filter issues

hey guys, we produce a couple of gins that we put carmine and pea flower in and it really blocks up our filters, just wondering what you guys recommend for cleaning them, I've been trying to use a caustic bath and hot water but its only doing so much.

I put a picture of the filters we use to give you an idea of what we use


There is a discussion on here somewhere, that it is better to filter compound gins and barreled products through a cheap bag filter or something similar before running it though and clogging an expensive prebottling filter. I think the smallest micron those stainless filters go to is 5 micron, so maybe a 1 micron bag filter?

Reply:7 minutes ago, adamOVD said:

Good luck working with pea starch . 


I having similar issues with juice. Plan on using some of these to get the big stuff:


We have also tried the bag filters but the get so blocked up so fast that its almost not worth it to keep having to change it after a few minutes, for some of our products we have even resorted to just pre filtering it through a multi layered paper filter machine and it worked wonders, but our filters are so gummed up that they barely work, just need to clean all of our filters