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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Fermentation overflow


Yesterday, one of our fermenter overflowed. There was beer all over the place. The overflow comed out from the air tube.

Any tips to avoid this? Using antifoam in the fermenter maybe?




I think leaving adequate head space is the cure , for example we have 600 gallon ferments in 700 gallon fermenters and that seems to be lots of room .


When we ferment rye mashes we have to use some antifoam. Our malt mash doesn't need it and we only have 10% headspace.


Depends what you're fermenting and how.

With rum we can basically fill a 350 gallon tank to about 340 gallons and not worry (as long as we don't turn the agitators on).


Hard wheat with a higher protein %? Need lots of head space even with a gallon of anti-foam (I'm exaggerating).  After the initial "flare up" a few hours after pitch it should settle down. Having the mash on the cool side will help as the yeast won't get as excited as they would in say a 90 degree pitch.