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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Ethanol from Almond Shells

Has anyone ever tried to make beer or spirits form crushed almond shells???

I figure someone from Cali would know.


(USA only) You would first need to be sure that almond shells are GRAS (generally recognized as safe).  I know it's crazy, but sometimes something you think should be GRAS actually isn't.  Case example: I couldn't find the article, but there was a distillery that was mashing and fermenting the stalk of a common grain plant (I can not remember the type) but they had to stop as the plant itself wasn't GRAS, only the seed, and it was nearly impossible for a small business to add something new to the GRAS list.

Someone else might have better luck pulling up the article.


Was reading one of those posts on Facebook and was wondering, but they can use shells for lots of things but they do make ethanol for gasoline additive from it.


@Skaalvenn I think this is what you are talking about http://www.spiritopia.com/faq/company-name/